Shipping & Delivery

BusyCamel is a small yet one of the fastest growing company in its category. Our team works with larger companies in the industry to provide you with the best deals and shipping fulfillment.

Our suppliers and partners use warehouses around the world and will opt to store products and items depending on various statistics and demand.

BusyCamel’s orders are processed for dispatch within 48 hours, due to a few factors such as but not limited to allowing our shoppers to review, change, or cancel their orders within a given timeframe found in our cancellation & refund policy.

High Demand Items

Items that reach certain demand measures are immediately transported to the closest warehouse per country for faster deliveries. Shipping costs will depend on the existing promotion and Free Shipping will be made available automatically which can be viewed and selected at the Cart and Checkout Pages.

Local Warehouses

Below are the estimated delivery times for products available at a local warehouse.

Regular Standard – Delivered 3 to 9 Business Days

  • Starts at $6.95

Overseas Warehouses

To keep prices competitive and new hot items immediately reach you before they even get old and made available in local stores, we will immediately send these orders fresh from the manufacturer’s facility. Our shop will automatically identify where these items are available and may display one or both of the shipping services below.

Worldwide Standard – Delivered in 3 to 15 Business Days

  • Starts at $6.95

We and our partners require manufacturers to only ship through selected reliable couriers to instill package integrity, safety, and tracking.

Multiple Packages

If you ordered multiple items please note that in a few cases some items are shipped separately by the same vendor or by different vendors. For each item ordered you may receive a separate package or tracking number.

Rest assured, our team of experts will immediately identify the best route for your convenience and package safety.

Please feel free to reach out to contact us if you have concerns regarding your order or shipment status.


Due to the ongoing pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), length of delays in terms of delivery may vary per location. The above mentioned ETA are based on normal operations prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantine. We sincerely ask for your patience as our couriers brave the dangers in order for us to receive our packages. Let’s all work together as we fight against the said pandemic. Keep safe everyone!

Update 1/3/2021 – Great News! Shipping & Delivery times has greatly improved since August of last year. Though it has not yet reached its normal operations, couriers has already managed to operate normally in most countries, cities, and provinces. In example, our regular deliveries to USA from Local Warehouses are now averaging only 8 to 9 days from the shipping date.